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Rankin Lyman - as in Roofing and now insulation and energy audits!
 Roofing Contractor - we can re-roof or repair your roof. Free estimates, call now.
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Rankin Lyman, Roofing Contractors, Sacramento, CA

Rankin does what is correct for you

Rankin has been re-roofing and repairing roofs for many years and knows what works, he can advise you so when your roof is done it is how you expected.  He also uses the best materials, the roofing material manufacturers are the largest, most reputable in their field.

Worked for the largest in the area

There have several residential and commercial companies that have been in the Sacramento area.  It provided a great learning ground with excellent college of hard knocks type of experience. 

Residential expert

  • Repair
  • Re-roof
  • Recommend
  •  Insulation and energy audits 

    OK, what is an energy audit? We send one of our staff to your home with the appropiate equipment and training to evaluate home energy changes that could be made to save you money. They hold certification and trailing from BPI (Building Performance Institute) one of the best recognized organizations to help promote building efficiency and safety.
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